We strive to be the leading strategic consultants for enterprise solutions together with state-of-art technology products for sustained Business process improvement. We provide a Solution that suits your business needs.

SRM Soft is a professional Information Technology Services Company, dedicated to helping clients grow through our combined business-IT knowledge, thoughtful innovation and global scale services.

We bring harmony in solving your toughest technological challenges by using our industry expertise and adaptive approach supported by proven methodologies. Our team has successfully delivered solutions to diverse industries such as telecommunications, financial, mortgage, health care and government.


Mission: To study, understand, analyze the complex businesses of our clients and design, develop, build and deploy scalable applications and solutions, which reduce cost & risks, increase productivity and ensure continuous and durable business growth and success.


We envision leveraging technology, synchronizing talent, harmonizing systems and building critical applications and delivering quality results to our clients.

Core Competency

Our core competency lies in myriad platforms across major state of the art technologies and into industry verticals such as Life Sciences, Health Care, Insurance, Banking, B2B, B2C, Energy, Utilities, Consumer and Retail

The core competency exists in core technologies such as

  • Programming Languages: Java/J2EE, .NET
  • Application & Portal Servers: Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss;
  • Integration Servers and SOA: Web Methods, TIBCO, Service Orchestrator;
  • Version Controlling: Perforce, Rational, Subversion, VSS; Relational Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySql, DB2;
  • Web Technologies: PHP, Word Press, Drupal, Joomla, Ruby;
  • Collaboration Servers: Share point;
  • Methodologies: Rational, Agile;
  • Configuration Management: Build & Deployment; Release Management;
  • Testing tools: Rational, HP quality center.


Recruitment Services

SRM Soft utilizes step by step defined process to do the recruitment – work with prospective job seekers to identify their ideal job and then match them with the available job opportunities from the SRM Soft clients. If there is no match for the applicant’s profile, we proactively approach the clients to make available any positions in the pipeline that require the skills the available applicants have.

Job Seeker Challenges

  • Ideal guidance and solution to find the job suitable with their technical expertise.
  • Preparing a perfect Resume that defines and showcases the talent, abilities and experience.
  • Ability to look out for companies seeking resources in concerned technical expertise.


  • A job that pays in consonance with your qualifications and experience.
  • Work with an ideal company, in the right environment on a challenging job.
  • Career growth, bright future prospects.

How can we help

  • SRM Soft has been in the recruitment business for over a decade.
  • Can utilize its vast experience of placing huge number of candidates.
  • Provides an ideal position to job seekers based on qualifications, skill sets, expertise and experience.

Major Industries currently serving

Staff Agumentation

Job Seeker Challenges

Job seekers are not on top of all the companies that are hiring. Most of the jobs are filled by referrals. Difficult to find jobs that are not published.

How SRM Soft can help

We have the right contacts in several companies to quickly find jobs. Many companies contact us to find ideal resources required by them. We have a large pool of company’s information hiring for IT resources.


SRM Soft is an ideal platform that can search and fetch you a job. Get top job seeking assistance in the industry exerts. Work on your own tax terms.

SRM Soft’s Staff augmentation strategy is used to staff a client project as per need basis to enhance the client’s team. Staffing for projects is arranged on contract basis, temp-hire or permanent placement.


On Site Outsourcing

Onsite outsourcing business model helps companies and organizations when they need IT solutions for a specific time period to build a specific and customized solutions. This is a viable and cost effective opportunity to let software firms deploy resources at their premises to work on customized solutions enabling them to focus on expanding their business.

Client Challenges

  • Scarcity of skill pool with the required domain expertise.
  • Clients need to time, effort and money to hire resources with required skills and experience.
  • Putting together team, development and deployment is a time consuming process leading to revenue loss and increased time-to-market.

How SRM Soft can help

  • SRM Soft has huge team of experience technical team with industry specific domain expertise ready to built mission critical applications at clients’ locations.
  • The technical team is trained to work in continuous interaction with clients for the entire project life cycle from study, analysis to implementation, as well as, maintenance and support.
  • The entire project will be managed and supervised at the highest level by the project manager to ensure smooth execution of the project.

Business Value

  • Considerable reduction in operational cost to the company.
  • Improved time-to-market for products and solutions.
  • Delivery of quality products with improved customer experience.
  • All this creates an excellent brand identity for the company with increased sales.

Website Development

Website Designing & Development is in the core of SRM Soft Solutions business model and we do it quite seriously. Developing a new website for us is like nurturing a baby and we love the way we do it. SRM Soft Solutions believes that good web sites should adhere to international quality standards. We therefore ensure that our websites have.

  • A strong graphic design that is consistent throughout a website gives a sense of coherence as well as aesthetic pleasure. We customize the website design of your site to your specifications and tastes.
  • A well-organized website takes into account both the nature of the material to be presented and the nature of your audience, making sure that vital information is only a few clicks away. Even a one-page web site benefits from intelligent organization and presentation of material for a complex multi-page website, good organization is absolutely essential.
  • An exciting and rewarding experience while exploring a website, not a frustrating one. Intelligent organization supports ease of navigation, but it also helps to have the right buttons in the right places. Users should be given a good idea of how to get from one point to another, with dead-ends and unnecessary backtracking minimized.

Our website designing & development services include

  • Shopping cart / E-Commerce Website
  • Corporate Website
  • Members Database and Registration
  • Networking site, job site, brokerage site
  • Internal web application
  • Idea specific business model driven website
  • Yellow pages and directory listing
  • Animation and Gaming website
  • Re-design / Facelift of current Website

Our web development services include

  • Website Designing
  • Web programming and web enabled applications
  • Online shopping and e-commerce sites
  • Database driven interactive sites
  • Intranet and Extranet sites

Web Application Development

Web Applications are available in off-the-shelf readily built application and can be deployed immediately, whereas, the custom made applications are designed and built to meet the specific requirements of a particular company.

Client Challenges

  • Ensuring the web applications passes rigorous testing processes for robustness, scalability, regression and security.
  • Deploying application on safe and secure servers and run beta test.
  • Maintenance of the web application with a dedicated team working to ensure is accessible 24/7.

How SRM Soft can help

  • By studying, analyzing, developing and deploying cost effective, reliable, scalable, flexible and robust web applications to suit your specific target requirements.
  • Developing applications focused at addressing functional gaps, reducing time and eliminating redundancy to efficiently achieve your business objectives.
  • Continuous support and maintenance of future enhancements and upgrades.

Business value & Benefits

  • Web Applications built to cater to your company ensure significant improvements in efficiency and productivity as the entire system is built to take care of your organization functions.
  • Reduce errors in key departments such as Finance, Production and Procurement.
  • Eliminates paper/manual works and helps in building excellent communication systems internally between various departments.

Technology Consulting

Customized application solutions are at the heart of any organization business strategy. Custom build applications ensure that each and every specific need of your organization is taken care of by creating applications to suit your tailor made requirements while holding the exclusive rights over the application.

Client Challenges

  • Hiring and maintaining a whole team of software engineering experts adds challenges and distractions that interfere with the core of your business objectives.
  • Lack of staff with the expertise to apply the industry's latest technologies.

How SRM Soft can help

  • SRM Soft’s customized application development comprises of development of new applications as well as enhancing existing applications.
  • Software application development typically involves utilization of servers that host database, content, web among other types of servers.
  • SRM Soft focuses on promoting industry standard technologies staying on top of the latest innovations.

Business value & Benefits

  • Design methodologies and modeling that are suitable for your company’s needs.
  • Complete visibility of the roadmap at any stage of the development.
  • The application is tailor for future enhancements and upgrades.
  • Saves time and it is cost effective because it eliminates duplicate work.


SRM Soft approaches technology with great passion thus giving the employees a great opportunity to work with state of the art cutting edge technologies. Whatever tools you use, our careful screening process enables us to assign you a project that meets your qualifications and interests. We want our employees to be adequately challenged and amply rewarded for the solutions they provide.
We want you to know that you are an important player in our organization.
We at SRM Soft, despite being a mature products company, retain the startup spirit. And this makes SRM Soft a great work place filled with opportunities for innovation in a lively environment!

A Thriving Industry
The Infrastructure improvement services are all set for more innovations. SRM Soft, a leader in the space, offers some of the most exciting opportunities around.


  • Exciting growth
  • Amazing work culture
  • The freedom to innovate
  • Exposure to emerging technologies
  • A challenging technical environment
  • AND Fun at work